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Dear students, it is an honor for me, as director of the School of Agronomy, to cordially welcome you. You are about to begin an exciting stage towards knowledge and excellence in the field of Agronomy Engineering. Our school stands out for promoting a comprehensive, innovative education committed to sustainable development and the efficient management of natural resources. By being part of this community, you are not only opting for a quality academic education, but also for a path full of challenges and opportunities to grow as professionals. We invite you to be part of our educational community, where each student is a key player in building a more sustainable future. Working together, we can build a better world.


The teaching methodology at our Agronomy School includes theoretical classes, practical classes in the field and in laboratories, group work, projects and oral presentations. Students have the opportunity to participate in practical activities, such as crop cultivation and animal husbandry, dairy processing and processed food production. They are also taught to use advanced agricultural tools and technologies, and to apply principles of sustainability and natural resource conservation in their work. The career seeks to encourage the active participation of students in the university community and society in general, and to provide a complete and practical training that prepares them to have a positive impact on the agri-food industry and society in general.