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Dear students of the School of Criminology and Criminalistics, it is a privilege to address you in my capacity as director to welcome you most cordially and to introduce you to our academic programs designed to cultivate highly qualified professionals committed to justice and academic excellence.

Our commitment is to educate highly trained professionals of integrity, prepared to face contemporary challenges with academic and practical rigor. By choosing to join our educational community, you embark on a path of excellence and leadership, supported by a highly qualified faculty. We encourage you to be part of this transformative adventure, where your passion and dedication will be the key to achieving your professional aspirations and making a significant contribution to society.


The School of Criminology and Criminalistics is distinguished by an educational methodology that effectively integrates theoretical study and practical application. Through an interdisciplinary approach, students are immersed in the in-depth analysis of criminal phenomena, combining criminological theories with advanced forensic techniques. Teaching focuses on solving practical cases, using specialized laboratories and state-of-the-art technologies to develop investigative and analytical skills. This practical approach, backed by a solid theoretical foundation, prepares Criminology and Criminalistics students to face the complex challenges of the field, fostering effective contribution to justice and citizen security.

Criminology and Criminal Science