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Dear applicants and students of the School of Linguistics at Universidad Mariano Galvez, it is with great enthusiasm that we extend a cordial welcome to our school, dedicated to academic excellence and linguistic research. Our programs, especially the Sociolinguistics Applied to Intercultural Bilingual Education in Guatemala, are designed to provide you with a comprehensive and in-depth education in the field of linguistics. Here, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the study of language and its impact on society, as well as to contribute to the enrichment of knowledge in this vital field in our country. We encourage you to become part of our academic community, where you can develop your skills, explore new ideas and actively participate in the preservation and promotion of our nation's linguistic and cultural diversity. We are confident that your experience at our school will be a transformative and fundamental experience for your professional future.


The Linguistics School's methodology is distinguished by its balanced integration of theory and practical application of linguistic principles. The pedagogical approach favors critical analysis and research in various linguistic fields, preparing students to address contemporary challenges in the study of verbal and written communication. Through theoretical and practical teaching experiences, as well as research projects and the use of advanced technologies, we aim to cultivate a deep understanding of linguistic diversity and provide our graduates with the tools necessary to contribute significantly to the field of linguistics.