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In today's world we cannot underestimate the importance of science and research, after going through a pandemic come new global challenges, where the role of our students and graduates is more relevant. In this faculty we are training people who, through their dedication and hard work, are destined to do great work in the area of Chemical and Biological Sciences. We are training scientists and professionals capable of facing pressing challenges by seeking innovative solutions. To our students, we want to say that we are committed to face together with you this challenge of training professionals of excellence.


The Chemical and Biological Sciences career focuses on practical and collaborative pedagogy, integrating theory and experimentation in specialized laboratories. Students are involved in applied research, connecting chemical and biological knowledge to solve real problems. An interdisciplinary vision is promoted to innovate in science and technology with ecological and ethical awareness. The training is oriented towards the development of advanced scientific competencies and social responsibility. The goal is to prepare scientists equipped to advance sustainability and improve global health.

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