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Dear students, I am pleased to welcome you to the School of Public Management. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn and grow, preparing to make a real difference in our communities. I assure you that you will find a place where your ideas and projects are valued and supported. Our school is recognized for its educational excellence and is where you will find the unparalleled opportunity to forge a promising career in key areas such as municipal administration and public management. We welcome you to be part of this exciting academic and professional journey, where your passion and effort will be fundamental to achieve significant accomplishments.


The Public Management School's training is characterized by an active methodology, with a comprehensive approach to foster leadership in the public service environment. Through an approach focused on public policy, administration and ethical decision-making, students benefit from the application of case studies and analysis of specific governmental situations. The teaching, focused on problem-solving and administrative efficiency, aims to develop leadership, communication and strategic thinking skills, providing graduates with the necessary tools to face the complex and dynamic challenges of the public sphere in a solid and ethical way.