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Dear students, it is with great pleasure that the Mariano Galvez University School of Marketing opens its doors to a new generation of future marketers. By choosing to join our distinguished program, you are taking the first step towards a career full of opportunities and stimulating challenges. Our institution is dedicated to forging skilled and creative professionals, capable of leading and transforming the national and global marketplace with their innovative ideas. Our marketing degree programs are designed to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical applications, preparing the leaders of the future. We welcome you to join an academic community where excellence, creativity and strategic thinking are the cornerstones of our education. Your future in the world of marketing starts here, at Mariano Galvez University.


At the School of Marketing, the teaching is distinguished by its integral approach, combining theory and practice to form professionals capable of facing the dynamic challenges of the business world. With an emphasis on market research, communication strategies and trend analysis, the teaching methodology seeks to cultivate analytical and creative skills in students. Through practical case studies, team projects and the application of technological tools, students acquire a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of marketing, preparing them to lead successfully in a global and highly competitive environment.