Institutional Decalogue

  1. Mariano Galvez University of Guatemala recognizes the transcendental importance of the supreme values of Christianity in the life of man and society, and practices and radiates them.
  2. Mariano Gálvez de Guatemala University recognizes that all people, by the fact of being people and being an end in themselves, have the right to obtain the highest level of education that their natural conditions allow, without discrimination of sex, race, religion, ideology, social or economic condition.
  3. Mariano Gálvez de Guatemala University orients its academic actions towards the formation of "scientifically competent", "ethically responsible" and "socially open to a just and progressive mentality" professionals, researchers and technicians, through the integrated development of teaching, research and service to the community and according to the needs of the development and transformation of the country.
  4. Mariano Gálvez de Guatemala University tends to the affirmation of national values in order to consolidate the national identity.
  5. Mariano Gálvez de Guatemala University has autonomy in the normative, academic, administrative, disciplinary and economic order, understood as the right of the University to make and execute its own decisions in all matters concerning the realization of its purposes.
  6. Mariano Gálvez de Guatemala University guarantees the freedom to teach, teach and learn, with no other purpose or motives than the search and transmission of the truth for the sake of the truth itself. This right may only be exercised for strictly academic purposes.
  7. Mariano Galvez de Guatemala is detached from any political, partisan, national or international activity.
  8. The Universidad Mariano Galvez de Guatemala recognizes the right of students to freely organize themselves into associations, as long as they do so for the purpose of cultural, social or sports activities. Their statutes shall be approved by the Board of Directors.
  9. The legal regime of the Universidad Mariano Gálvez de Guatemala is determined by the legal constitutional bases that guarantee its existence, its statutes, the agreements validly celebrated by it and its regulations, in such a normative order, that the lower legal bases cannot alter or modify the content and spirit of the higher norms; and, likewise, any modification or alteration of the higher norms validly emanated by the governing bodies of the University, shall imply the corresponding modification or alteration of the lower ones.
  10. The Mariano Galvez University of Guatemala, without detriment to its autonomy, is part of the National Education System, therefore it joins its academic efforts to those developed by the other universities of the country for the achievement of the common objectives and coexists with them in an atmosphere of fraternity and mutual respect.