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Dear students, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the School of Architecture, which today begins to be a part of your lives. As Dean, I am honored to open the doors of our campus to talented and passionate young people like you. In this phase you are about to enter, you will not only acquire theoretical knowledge, but you will also develop skills, discover new interests, and make friends. Our careers will lead you on a fascinating path full of creativity, innovation, and challenges that will allow you to make your mark on the world. Remember, every line you draw, every model you build, and every concept you develop is a stepping stone to your professional future. I invite you to visit our facilities and soak up the innovative and creative spirit that characterizes our faculty.


The teaching of Architecture combines design, technique, and sustainability, focusing on solving real-world problems through practical projects. History and theory are studied, complemented by training in digital representation technologies. The methodology encourages interdisciplinary and critical thinking to design spaces that meet social and ecological needs. The aim is to train architects with a holistic vision and cultural commitment.

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