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Future health professionals, it is with great enthusiasm that I address you as Dean of the School of Medical Sciences to make a noble call to serve society through dedication and excellence by embracing your vocation in the health sciences.

Our faculty is home to the School of Medicine, the School of Nutrition, the School of Nursing, the School of Physical Therapy and our recent addition, the School of Veterinary Medicine. Each one of these schools is a fundamental pillar in the health care network, and together, they form a community of academic excellence, with presence and recognition in six regions of our country.

It will be an honor to count on your presence and a privilege to accompany you at every stage of your training; remember that every diagnosis you make and every compassionate care you offer, have the potential to transform lives.


Complete the information in this document, which is important to our department, as it will enable us to plan a better teaching and academic support. The data in this document is confidential.

It is confidential and remains under the exclusive reserve and use of the Faculty authorities.

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