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About the Faculty of

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In the context of a globalized world that uses many emerging technologies, we must focus on the importance of basic engineering sciences and research.

After suffering for three years from a health pandemic, we now have new challenges in the information technology ecosystem.

We are committed, together with the faculty and administration, to support our students in this journey of academic life.

The Faculty is focused on providing new knowledge to undergraduate and graduate students and graduates.

We are training professionals capable of facing important challenges, where creative and innovative solutions are sought for the solution of problems related to Systems Engineering.


Systems Engineering integrates computer science theory with practical application, emphasizing programming, systems analysis, and hardware. Students participate in projects that simulate real-world engineering challenges, fostering collaboration and innovation. The curriculum ranges from computer security to artificial intelligence, preparing engineers for an ever-changing technological environment. Management and critical analysis skills are cultivated for leadership in the IT industry.

The goal is to graduate engineers with a holistic and adaptive vision, ready to meet the challenges of the digital age.

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