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Dear students, as dean, it is an honor to welcome you to the School of Theology, where each step you take will bring you closer to acquiring solid knowledge of the Christian faith and its ethical implications. Here you will forge the foundations for proclaiming the lordship of Christ in all areas of life: academic, social and ecclesial. You are about to embark on a transformative stage and prepare to be compassionate and learned leaders. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of every resource, every lesson and every dialogue, as these will be the pillars upon which you will build not only your career, but your contribution to the world.


Theology, in its educational approach, promotes the critical study and interpretation of sacred texts, integrating disciplines such as history and philosophy for a holistic understanding of faith. The curriculum includes interreligious dialogue and hermeneutics, preparing students to apply teachings in current and multicultural contexts. Emphasis is placed on communication and argumentation skills for the dissemination and debate of theological matters. The purpose is to train theologians capable of making a significant contribution to the global spiritual and ethical dialogue.

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