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It is a great honor to welcome you to the School of Legal and Social Sciences of the Mariano Gálvez University.

You have chosen a school that has been training legal professionals for more than 50 years, whose mission is to provide an education with the highest standards of quality, with a faculty with extensive experience in the subjects it teaches both theoretical and practical, and a program whose curriculum will facilitate your incorporation into the various fields of work, as lawyers in liberal practice, judges, prosecutors, public defenders or providing advice or consulting in the public or private sphere.


The Legal and Social Sciences program intertwines the study of law with the social sciences, emphasizing legal interpretation and application in various contexts. Learning is based on case analysis, critical debate, and practice in legal clinics. Argumentative ability and ethical reasoning are cultivated to address issues of social justice. The training is oriented towards social awareness and human development in legal practice. The goal is to train jurists with a comprehensive vision, capable of positively influencing society.

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