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The encounter with science is one of the most transcendental experiences for the human spirit. This crucial contact with the experience and the sense of knowledge changes the paradigms of thinking and profoundly modifies our way of perceiving and living, our daily time and space. The French scientist Louis Pasteur wrote: "Science is the soul of the prosperity of nations and the source of life of all progress". Every engineering professional who graduates from the Mariano Galvez University of Guatemala carries in his or her destiny the human value of helping others and improving their quality of life, transforming our nation, seeking the well-being of everyone, facing the constant changes that life and nature present to us. The words of Theodore van Karman: "Scientists study the world as it is, engineers create the world that never existed", show the magnitude of what it means to be an engineer.


Engineering, which encompasses specialties such as electronics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, systems chemistry, agronomy, and information systems and computer science, is structured on an analytical and practical methodology designed to solve complex engineering problems. Through solid theoretical foundations and practical applications in laboratories and field projects, students acquire skills to innovate and optimize systems and processes. The pedagogy is supported by project-based learning, which fosters the collaboration and critical thinking essential to modern engineering. It integrates the use of cutting-edge technology and specialized software, preparing engineers to lead technological change. The goal is to produce versatile engineers with an ethical and technical foundation, capable of contributing to sustainable development and scientific progress.

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