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Dear students, I am honored to welcome you to the School of Humanities. As Dean, I thank God and the UMG authorities for the privilege of accompanying you in this new stage that will change not only your lives, but also the lives of those who will benefit from your dedication and knowledge in education and social work in the future.
I encourage you, hand in hand with our committed teachers, to go beyond traditional education; may your passion for learning allow you to be pioneers in your fields, builders of a more just future, and promoters of a more humane society.
I invite you to serve with dedication and to be leaders inspired by Christian principles, willing to innovate and to address the needs of our society.


Humanities combines disciplines that explore human thought and expression, fostering a critical and reflective approach. Through the study of literature, philosophy, the arts, and languages, students develop a deep understanding of diverse cultures. The curriculum emphasizes textual analysis and intellectual production, preparing graduates for teaching and cultural management. Communication and argumentation skills are key in training professionals to contribute to social and cultural dialogue. The goal is to train individuals with an ethical and humanistic perspective who are motivated to make a positive impact on society.